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Coil - the anal staircase (dionysian mix)

Anonymous asked: waiting on an actress, though

I’m just waiting on a friend

Anonymous asked: colin farrell and vince vaughn. damn it.

I know. not loving either. then again I didn’t know how much I’d like Matthew McConaughey and now I’m a believer. (Harrelson was obvious!)

Anonymous asked: good talk

uh huh

Anonymous asked: michael fassbender, man, look it up. it isn't cool or funny.

Looked it up. Found allegations of which you speak. Never made it to court (dropped) but still disappointing. When you write me asking if I “Beat my gf too” you are being sensational and assuming I’m all knowing of your thoughts and of celebrities. It would be nice if you did not do that.

Anonymous asked: do you beat your girlfriend too?

i don’t know where that comes from. not kind or funny

Anonymous asked: scotland already is a country

in a limited way yes. but is it economically independent?